kryotur Kontakt

kryotur Kontakt

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the traditional conducting cryotheray

kryotur is the traditional conducting cryotheray integrated in the physiotur Symphony therapy tower. It can be combined with kimatur, the radial shockwave therapy, as well as with TUR electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy models.

The cold energy is achieved by meand of thermo-electrical modules (Peltier elements) that cool a fluid down to a preset temperature. The fluid then circulates and reaches the different applicators.

possible combinations with

  • Rheumatology: Myalgiae, rheumatic myogeloses, chron, polyarthritis, activated arthrosis, insertion tendinitis, endovaginitis, periarthropathy
  • Orthopedics, accident surgery & sports medicine: Luxations, distortions, contusions, pre- and postoperative irritations, arthritis, arthrosis, condition after joint replacement surgery, muscular lesions (strain, contusion, fiber rupture), nerve root syndrome, reflex dystrophy
  • Neurology: Neuralgia, spasmodic muscle reactions (apoplexy, transverse syndrome), nerve root compression syndrome (ischialgiae, etc.)
  • Physiotherapy & ergotherapy: Facilitative, relaxing, analgesic
  • Dermatology: Psoriasis, cellulite
1 cm²

Attachment for kryotur cooling head 1 cm²

7 cm²

Attachment for kryotur cooling head 7 cm²

10 cm²

Attachment for kryotur cooling head 10 cm²

14 cm²

Attachment for kryotur cooling head 14 cm²