As versatile as your needs

Combined Electrotherapy and 1/3MHz ultrasound unit. Ultrasound or electrotherapy for the treatment of the nerve-Systems.

Especially the combination treatment has a pronounced analgesic effect and represents for many patients a real alternative to the drug pain treatment. Carrying out a galvanic or medium-frequency test as an economic

pre-field method for electromyography to perform a diagnostic differentiation of a totally denervated muscle.

Top features

Operation mode

CC an d CV

Variety of waveforms



1 and 3 MHz


2, 4, 6, 10, 20 ms

possible combinations with


US treatment head 1cm²


US treatment head 4cm²

Plate electrode

4 x 3 cm | 6,3 x 4 cm | 8 x 6 cm | 12 x 8 cm

Sponge bags

4 x 3 cm | 6,3 x 4 cm | 8 x 6 cm | 12 x 8 cm

Set point electrode

Set of sponges for 15/8 mm pointer