Great variety - One device

The modular therapy centre "Physiotur" has been developed for multiple applications in clinics and physiotherapies.

It is more effective compared to the standard devices in the market in various applications including medical aesthetic applications such as cellulite treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications e.g. treatments of the fascia, as well as in a number of pathologies that arise from poor circulation. It may be equipped and extended with a variety of devices.

Treatment with a maximum of comfort

  • Perfect ergonomic design for a clear view and secure operation.
  • Premium design with a closed front cover presents a calm and well-being atmosphere for the patient.
  • All accessory cables run hidden inside the device and the accessories can be placed conveniently on a special designed tablet.
  • Secure carrier plate to place ultrasound heads, accessories and gel bottle.
  • Tissue roll holder and drawer provide additional space for material.
  • A handle bar and a statically stable wheel construction on soft wheels enable an easy and secure transportation.

Create yours

Select the therapies that interest you and we will bring the relevant device modules into a powerfull workstation which will fullfill all your needs.

Need more space?

It is seems like you need a second physiotur for your preferred combination. We are happy to help you find the best solution that will acommodate your needs.

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